An original communication tool to promote your company image

Realize a project UNIQUE of its kind !

  • A high quality printing process for all types of communication
  • Visual pictograms to secure industrial environments
  • A mass pedestrian traffic resistant material, made for travelling exhibitions and fairs
  • No limit of dimensions : a logo of 3 sqm, a fresco of 50 sqm or a planisphere of 1000 sqm


TRAFICFLOOR PVC floor tiles printing system, the VISIOFLOOR tile benefits from all the characteristics of the TRAFICFLOOR tile :

  • Exclusive interlocking system
  • Finish : Textured
  • Dimensions : 50 x 50 cm
  • Thickness : 7 mm
  • Weight 7 mm : 2.37 kg / tile
  • R10 surface finish
  • Surface treatment : Stainproof® coating allowing an easy maintenance and a sustainable protection
  • Respect of environment : VOC Emissions A+
  • Exceptional and unique communication support
  • Identical reproduction of all logos, images, photos ...
  • No limit of dimensions : a logo of 3 sqm, a fresco of 50 sqm or a planisphere of 1000 sqm
  • Signage on the ground : our AFNOR pictogram tiles secure your establishment




Customizable PVC flooring particularly suitable for the mechanical, metallurgical, automotive, logistics and pharmaceutical industries, ideal for signage.

  • Production workshop, storage areas, paths of traffic …
  • Delimitation of zones, warning …
  • All industries
  • Temporary or permanent exhibitions
  • Showrooms
  • Sports, cultural, promotional events ...
  • Indoor use : external use of short duration possible after acceptance of your specifications (to provide us imperatively)

Perfect for any industrial production zone experiencing an intense traffic. Also ideal for the tertiary sector and communities.

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