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Economical, Ecological, 100% recycled PVC !

Flexible, loosely laying, resistant, TRAFICFLOOR-ECO tile is THE ideal solution for any environment with heavy pedestrian traffic and light vehicles traffic (cars). 100% recyclable material “post production” to contribute to sustainable environment, it use is recommended for :

  • Factories (production zones, storage…)
  • Garages (workshops, showroom...)
  • Sales areas, stations, mall
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Technical characteristics

100% ecological tiles made with controlled source recycled PVC :

  • Exclusive interlocking system
  • Economic : a strong and resistant tile excellent value for money
  • 1 grained finish - 2 thickness - colors : dark grey, black
  • No disruption to operational areas during installation
  • None or few support preparation
  • Less noise or dust during installation
  • No gluing required (except when exposed to direct sunlight or in special conditions)
  • Tiles toughness and flexure may vary depending on the supplied parcel. When exposed to mechanical traffic over 3000 kg, the interlock resistance is not guarantee.

VOC Emissions * : A+

* Information on the level of emissions of volatile substances into indoor air, with a risk of inhalation toxicity, on a class scale from A + (very low emissions) to C (high emissions)


Traficfloor-Eco Plus 7 mm
Adapted to any industrial needs
Traficfloor-Eco 7 mm
100% recycled PVC, economical and ecological !
Traficfloor-Eco 5 mm
Adapted to any industrial needs