Anti-acid floor varnish

Highly resistant epoxy topcoat, Topchim allows the realization of acid-resistant coatings.

It is applied to the fine notched spatula for low thicknesses (600 g / sqm).


Realization of an anti-acid varnish = Durable protection against chemical attack of soil

  • Excellent resistance to acids, diluted bases and solvents
  • Solvent-free, odorless
  • Glossy appearance
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to maintain
  • Application by roller or notched spatula, intended for low thicknesses

Average consumption : 600 g / sqm

Packaging : Pre-dosed kit of 5 kg is 3.06 kg base + 1.94 kg hardener

Topchim also exists in tinted version.

VOC Emissions * : A+

* Information on the level of emissions of volatile substances into indoor air, with a risk of inhalation toxicity, on a class scale from A + (very low emissions) to C (high emissions)



Ideal for renovation or protection of floors solicited by acids :

  • Agriculture, food industry, battery recharging rooms ...
  • Industrial, professional or pedestrian traffic
  • Antistatic closure of systems based on epoxy resin and colored quartz
  • Interior floors
  • Supports : raw concrete, epoxy coatings, tiles, old or porous joints

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