Stériflon AB WB : Painting against the proliferation of bacteria

New in 2015 : Steriflon AB WB is a water-based paint that is extremely resistant to soiling and bacteria !

A first in the field of building painting : the incorporation of specific anti-adhesion agents based on P.T.F.E. prevents the deep penetration of various soils.

Soils made superficial are easily removed.

In addition, thanks to the addition of AG+ ions, STERIFLON AB WB also contributes to the maintenance of the hygiene of the premises as well as the prevention of nosocomial diseases.


The advantages of the product :

  • Bacteriostatic, fungistatic protection : for a guaranteed anti-mold result !
  • Washable even in case of frequent cleaning
  • Contact alimentaire : inerte chimiquement
  • Fast drying
  • Easy and pleasant to use : ready to use. Water painting for the respect of the environment and the health of the installers.