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Renovate the floor of your workshop with Traficline and Easytile Plus tiles

The Viking Company - leader in marine equipment based in Marseille - wanted to renovate 800 m² of soil in its storage workshop. She naturally appealed to TLM, the French industrial expert in floor coverings and industrial walls.

The customer's objectives were to have a floor covering that was quick and easy to install, clean and easy to maintain and, of course, perfectly resistant to the intensive traffic of forklifts and pallet trucks of several tons.

The range of Traficline and Easytile Plus modular tiles from TLM fully meet these objectives. Their design makes it possible to adapt to all industrial supports without bonding or preparation of the support, the patented "stainproof" anti-fouling protection effectively protects the PVC from soiling and allows an easy maintenance. The thickness of 7mm provides resistance to the most intense traffic (up to several tens of tons).

The Traficline range, made of completely recyclable virgin PVC, benefits from a CSTB performance ranking (the equivalent of the UPEC classification but for industrial floors) and makes it possible to reconcile aesthetics and technical performance. The Easytile Plus 7 range, in recycled PVC, provides technical performance, ease of maintenance and economy.

Depending on the areas of the workshop, the two Traficline and Easystile Plus ranges have provided the most appropriate solution for the context.

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