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A quick and easy solution for your floor renovation ! Flexible, strong and non-slip, PVC floor tiles are a long-term investment. They constitute the base of a floor in completely free laying, intended to replace the existing soil and easy maintenance !

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New graining and exclusive trapeze interlocking system for the new TRAFICFLOOR PVC tile : Aestheticism and resistance. Exclusive surface coating STAINPROOF for a sustainable protection to chemical and mechanical aggressions and an easy maintenance. Resistant to any traffic, from the light one to the heaviest one. Flexible, loose laying, ultra resistant, this is THE solution for extremely solicited floors. Read more
Traficfloor 5 mm
TLM launch its new PVC tile :
Traficfloor 7 mm
Launch of the new TLM tile :


Flexible, loosely laying, resistant, TRAFICFLOOR-ECO tile is THE ideal solution for any environment with heavy pedestrian traffic and light vehicles traffic (cars). 100% recyclable material “post production” to contribute to sustainable environment, it use is recommended for : Factories (production zones, storage…) Garages (workshops, showroom...) Sales areas, stations, mall Read more
Traficfloor-Eco Plus 7 mm
100% recycled PVC, economical and ecological !
Traficfloor-Eco 7 mm
Adapted to any industrial needs
Traficfloor-Eco 5 mm
100% recycled PVC, economical and ecological !


Adapted tiles to specific environments. Read more
Traficfloor AS/ESD
PVC Tiles : necessary to protect the ...
Traficfloor Grand froid
Ultra resistants PVC tiles, especially adapted to intense traffic, until -20°. Ideal for an aesthetic floor and low- ...
Standline® tiles resist to any type of traffic, from the lightest one to the most intense and are especially adapted ...


The TRAFICLINE tiles resists all types of traffic, from the lightest to the most intense. Its exclusive STAINPROOF surface coating guarantees long-lasting protection against chemical and mechanical aggression and easy maintenance. Flexible, plumbing and ultra resistant, it is the solution for very solicited floors. Its thermal and acoustic insulation provide an ergonomic floor that reduces the inconvenience caused by impact, abrasion and vibrations. Read more
Excellent resistance to intense mechanical traffic. Perfect for industrial floors protection ...
Excellent resistance to intense mechanical traffic, perfect for industrial floors protection and renovation
Excellent resistance to intense mechanical traffic, perfect for industrial floors protection and renovation


Original quality support where the custom allows you to enhance the image of your company, secure your establishment, the VISIOFLOOR tile is an ultra resistant to pedestrian crossing, easy and quick to assemble or disassemble: ideal for traveling exhibitions or salons ! VISIOFLOOR has no dimensions limit. Get in touch with our sales department in order to realize your project ! Read more
Realize a UNIQUE project of its kind !


DECOLINE range offer a resistant AND a designed floor thanks to its modern colors and an invisible interlocking system. Beautify your workspaces ! Read more
Decoline 45x45
PVC tile special for tertiary floors : modernize your workspace !
Decoline 91x91
Decoline tiles will beautify your spaces and offer : a uniform floor with an invisible in ...


Accessories for better accessibility in relation to the constraints of the area concerned A suitable finish An aid to the pose Easy and durable maintenance Read more
Traficfloor access ramp
A straight and chamfered finish for more convenient access to the PVC tile area.
Traficfloor access angle
Creates a chamfered straight angle to a Traficfloor flooring tiled area
Safety pictograms
Printing on Visiofloor Traficfloor PVC tile : system for securing your environments, effectively signaling risk areas ...