Primoxy AH

Epoxy primer for oily and oily support

A solvent-free, two-component, low-viscosity epoxy resin, the Primoxy AH primer is used as an anti-lift barrier before laying flexible or rigid flooring.

Primoxy AH resin :

  • A primer for greasy, oily and critical concrete
  • Allows the application of resin finishing systems or the installation of synthetic floor coverings subjected to capillary rise of grease or oil


Anti-lift barrier of oils before application of resin finishing system

  • Solvent free, odorless
  • Ready to use
  • Fast drying, recoverable in the day
  • Great durability
  • Avoids or limits oil-related blistering
  • Application to the plate

Average consumption : 500 g / sqm

Packaging : Pre-dosed kit of 5 kg or 3.50 kg base + 1.50 kg hardener. Also available in packaging of 20 kg or 16 kg base + 4 kg hardener.

VOC Emissions * : A+

* Information on the level of emissions of volatile substances into indoor air, with a risk of inhalation toxicity, on a class scale from A + (very low emissions) to C (high emissions)



Supports : oily and critical concretes

  • Warehouses, workshops, industries, garages
  • Agribusiness, hygiene / health
  • Commercial surfaces, communities

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