Epoxy resin for supports treatment

The PRIMOXY primer is a two-component, solvent-free, low-viscosity epoxy resin used as an anti-lift barrier before laying flexible or rigid flooring.

Smoothing coating that does not require the application of a primer for concrete floors of normal porosity.

Primoxy :

  • A primer for greasy, oily and critical concrete
  • Allows the application of resin finishing systems or the installation of synthetic floor coverings subjected to capillary rise of grease or oil


2-in-1 product for patching and zero-firing in 1 pass, without the need for a primer : saving time for work.

  • Scentless
  • High durability, excellent mechanical strength
  • Fast drying
  • Application with squeegee, spatula or trowel
  • Can be used pure as a primer, applied by roller
  • CSTB performance ranking for the 2 mm thick self-leveling NEOPOX® system + PRIMOXY® primary

Packaging : Pre-dosed kit of 5 or 20 kg

Apply after floor cleaning with CIM 7 or Alcanex. Complementary product with Neopox, Neopox Color and Topcolor floor resins.

VOC Emissions * : A+

* Information on the level of emissions of volatile substances into indoor air, with a risk of inhalation toxicity, on a class scale from A + (very low emissions) to C (high emissions)



Very interesting in the case of porous concrete floors

  • Warehouses, workshops, industries, garages
  • Agribusiness, hygiene / health
  • Commercial surfaces, communities

Supports : concrete floors

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