Polyurethane finishing lacquer

An anticorrosion coating that protects permanently, Polyral guarantees you :

  • Effective protection : very resistant to corrosion thanks to its composition
  • Neat finishes: excellent outdoor performance
  • A brilliant rendering: offers a smooth, taut and decorative finish

Ability to apply directly on any metal supports

Average area treated : 10 sqm / kg


High quality finishing lacquer for exposed metal surfaces

  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Has exceptional durability in aggressive atmosphere, industrial or maritime
  • Non-yellowing at U.V
  • Excellent outdoor performance, perfect color stability and appearance
  • Very bright finish: provides a smooth, taut and filling
  • Indoors, can be used directly on steel after careful degreasing and rust removal
  • Application on primary type Oxyprim® for ferrous metal support

Average consumption : 10 g / sqm (in white)

Packaging : Pot of 5 kg net is 4 kg base + 1 kg hardener


  • Ideal for the food, industrial and transport sectors
  • Also suitable for all public works, production or warehouse companies
  • Rolling stock : industrial trucks, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, trailers, construction equipment, heavy goods vehicles
  • Production and storage equipment: chassis, skips, tanks, pumps, pipes, metal parts
  • Buildings : metal structures, cladding

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