Monocomponent urethane acrylic resin

Reinforced floor paint for protecting and coloring industrial and collective floors. Excellent resistance outdoor.

Average area treated : 30 to 40 sqm / layer


  • Monocomponent urethane acrylic resin, ready to use
  • Satin film
  • Anti-slide finish with added loads
  • Easy application and maintenance

Application : roller, brush, gun. 2 recommended layers

Average consumption : 6 to 8 sqm / kg at the layer

Packaging : 5 kg pot

Also available in 20 kg packaging. Contact us for personalized advice.

Apply after cleaning the floor with CIM 7® degreaser or Alcanex cleaner.




  • Industrial or collective floors
  • Withstands intensive pedestrian traffic
  • Resistant to rolling gear

Supports :

  • Cement, concrete : in accordance with DTU 59.3 after deraching
  • Old adherent paint after matting (make a compatibility test)

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