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Two-component anticorrosive primer

Facilitates the adhesion on metallic supports and constitutes the base of attachment of the systems of protection and decoration of very high quality.


Excellent adhesion on all ferrous metals

  • Use in both primary and undercoat (in 1 or 2 layers depending on the degree of protection sought)
  • Can be covered by most two component epoxy and polyurethane paints. In particular, the 2-layer system "OXYPRIMPOLYRAL" exhibits excellent behavior in artificial aging and salt spray after more than 1000 hours of exposure
  • Very good physico-chemical resistance performance : shocks, scratches, oils, bleach, diluted acids and bases, sea water, wine, milk, alcohols ...
  • Supports continuous temperatures from -50 ° to + 80 ° C and accepts thermal shocks with a much higher amplitude.

Conditions of application :

  • Preparation of the decisive support for the adhesion, quality and durability of the protection system used
  • The support temperature will be at least 3 ° C higher than the dew point to avoid condensation
  • Roller or brush application : OXYPRIM® is ready to use
  • Spray application : the OXYPRIM® mixture can be made to a good viscosity by incorporating 15 to 20% of our POLYRAL thinner

Average consumption : 6 to 8 sqm/kg

Packaging : Oxyprim resin : 4.5 kg - Hardener : 0.5 kg


  • Execution of metal protection work, in thin film (approximately 50 to 70 microns at the layer), for which a high quality is sought
  • Aggressive or corrosive atmospheres
  • Industrial, urban or maritime environment
  • Industrial or marine works
  • Silos, agricultural equipment
  • Material handling, manufacturing or transportation
  • Tanks and bins
  • External frames of structures...

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