Neopox Quartz Decor

Decorative resin

Aesthetics and performance for industrial floors.

Tinted epoxy floor resins with glitters and colored quartz added.


A floor that is both aesthetic and resistant

  • Incorporation of glitters
  • Thickness 1 mm iridescent glitters version
  • High resistance to rolling, abrasion and chemicals ("closed" floors)
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Impermeable to gases and liquids
  • Solvent free, odorless, 100% dry extract
  • Bright finish
  • Easy to maintain

Average consumption : about 1.520 kg/sqm

Packaging : Pre-dosed kit of 20 kg or 11 kg base + 6.7 kg hardener + 2.30 kg glitters. Also available in 5 kg packaging.

Topfinish WB resin can be applied in finishing the decorative NEOPOX QUARTZ DECOR resin for better UV resistance and easier cleaning. Application recommended by a professional. Consult us for personalized advice.

VOC Emissions * : A+

* Information on the level of emissions of volatile substances into indoor air, with a risk of inhalation toxicity, on a class scale from A + (very low emissions) to C (high emissions)



Ideal for aesthetic professional floors

  • Commercial surfaces, communities
  • Shops, showrooms
  • Workshops, industries
  • Indoor application

Supports : raw concrete, old epoxy resin …

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