MR 90

Anchor repair system

Repair mortar for work of great resistance

  • Repairing broken tiles, holes, potholes, crumbling, cracks, walking noses…
  • Preparation of industrial floors, ramps for unloading and access; resumption of levels
  • Recommended on doubtful, difficult or slightly friable funds, before covering or repairing
  • Indispensable in the case of a subsequent thin leveling


Allows you to carry out work requiring exceptional resistance and ultra-rapid restart.

  • Repair system comprising a liquid base - adhesion primer - and a synthetic mortar
  • Indoor, outdoor use
  • Fast drying: soil returned to traffic in less than 2 hours
  • Excellent physicochemical resistance detailed in the data sheet
  • Liquid base applied by roller or brush
  • Mortar applicable to the trowel, in a single operation, whatever the desired thickness (7 mm minimum)

Average consumption : 2 kg of mixture per mm (20 kg of mixture for 1 sqm / 1 cm)

Packaging : Liquid base : 5 kg - Mortar : 17 kg kit (15 kg powder + 2 L resin)


Ideal for ultra-resistant repairs and floors quickly returned to service

  • Repair of floors and concrete structures : holes, cracks, potholes …
  • Realization of anchors and seals

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