Introducing TLM

​Mastering the renovation of an industrial floor covering

One of the largest French manufacturers of industrial flooring, TLM Group has positioned itslef among the most successful companies in this activity, thanks to its desire for continuous innovation and the desire for a recommendation adapted to all areas of activity.

From 1978 to 2011, The recognition of a know-how in France and in the world.

Until the end of 2011, our industrial floor coverings - floor resins and PVC floor tiles were traditionally marketed nationwide to users, manufacturers and different types of client. The total control of interventions was then ensured by an installation team internally or via a network of applicators providing a gloval response in terms of industrial and collective floors.

2012 : A new industrial approach from 1 April 2012

TLM group is reorienting its activities on its core business : the industry. The company changes its name and becomes TLM Systems. The main mission is to establish a new industrial approach to constantly improve the efficiency of operations and ensure ever higher quality. Priority is now given to Research and Development, in order to offer innovative and high performance products that matches the expectations of an evolving and competitive market. The new TRAFICLINE Colors range in January 2013 and EASYTILE+ in 2014 symbolized the company's desire for innovation.

This new orientation has enabled TLM Systems to develop a range of environmentally friendly products ( A+ Rated ) matching with the highest possible rating in terms VOC ( Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. The labeling of TLM pvc tiles "Origine France Garantie" is also part of this approach.

2018 : Building the Future with new Actors

Two new shareholders are now acting in the company, one of wich is the SATA company represented by our President Jacques Valat and the second is the company EXTRUFLEX, Global leader in flexible with 3 factories all over the world, including one in France.The company changes its name and Becomes Société Nouvelle TLM.

At this date, TLM has also stoped all laying activities. To ensure continuity of service to its customers, the company has established partnerships with a network of approved TLM product applicators. We are therefore always able to offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

At the same time, a new distribution scheme has been put in place. TLM solutions are now available in professional networks and from our authorized distributers and partners. They have all been trained in the technicality of our products in order to offer total control of the products and their applications.


2019 Major Projects

In 2019, TLM invested in new production tools in order to evolve its product range and offer more choices to its customers and partners.

TLM also sells its products for export to Europe, Africa and Asia.


The quality of our products and services remains an immutable constant !