How To Use Ramps & angles Access tools ?
  • Angles and Ramps accessories are here to complete the PVC Tiles line, they are used to level your existing floor with your PVC Tiles.
  • For an Aesthetic finition of your floor.
Are TLM tiles non-slip ?
  • The slip cassification of the TLM tiles is mentioned on the data sheets. (R9-R10)
Are TLM tiles resistant to fire ?
  • The classification of TLM tiles for fire resistance is indicated on the product data sheets. Most of the TLM PVC tiles benefit from the BFLS classification.
How Many tiles do I need to cover my floor ?
  • We must think and expect differents cuts, knowing that a fall may be suitable for another use.
  • Small areas and surfaces with many obstacles to circumbent are those that require the most cuts and therefore complementary PVC tiles.
  • It is generally necessary to provide a loss of 3 to 5%
How to clean the Tiles
  • Easy to clean, please follow the cleaning guide 
  • Manual cleaning or with washing machine
Do I have to stick the Tiles
  • No, except if direct and prolonged exposure to the sun or in the case of a heavy and frequent rolling traffic for wich we recommend to consult us for these specific situations.
  • We can advise and help you chosing the best products matching your project.
Do TLM tiles have sound and heat insulation ?
  • With 5 or 7mm of pvc, TLM tiles are an excellent sound and heat insulator
  • They also provide excellent walking comfort
  • TLM Tiles can be laid without glue on any support containing asbestos, provided that the support is not damaged.
Where to use TLM PVC Tiles ?
  • Follow our search guide by application in the menu
  • Industrial or logistical premises, establishment receiving public, Large, medium and small distribution, car dealership, service centers, garage, Gyms, offices Shops,...


What is the TLM PVC tiles range of colour ?
  • A very wide range of colors is available ( 10 for the Traficfloor and STG tiles )
  • Thanks to the VISIOFLOOR tiles, you can customize your floor with your own colors & design ( signage, frescoes, design effects... )
  • For a minimum quantity of 150m², any color can be custom made.
What Wieght can be supported by the tiles ?
  • TLM PVC tiles easily tolerate the permanent passage of vehicles and of course the weight of machines.
  • The TraficFloor PVC tiles range has a performance ranking of the french laboratory CSTB, especially concerning the mechanical resistance.
  • TLM is the only industrial floor manufacturer PVC tiles manufacturer that benefits from CSTB's performance ranking.
What is the lifespan of TLM tiles ?
  • 10 years warranty
  • By applying the patented varnish proposed by TLM, your floor is totally protected, so the tile life is grown up.
What are the thicknesses to choose ?
  • Follow our guide of choice according to the uses of the buildings.
  • TLM Tiles 5 to 7mm are able to cover absolutely all known industrial and tertiary uses.
What are the tools required for the installation ?
  • Depending on the installation conditions, a mallet, a cutter or a jigsaw can be used. For more information and advice, refer to the slab documentation and installation guide.
Why chosing the TLM PVC tiles solution ?
  • No business interruption
  • No floor support preparation (patching, sanding, shot blasting,...)
  • No need to stick the tiles for most of the situation.
  • Thanks to a wide range of products, TLM will advise you the best product, matching the needs of your project.
My floor is greasy, damaged or wet, what should I do ?
  • TLM PVC tiles are ideally suited to this situation compared to poured floors that require rigorous preparation of the substrate.
  • Our PVC tiles, by their design, are better suited to this type of situation than other tiles non made for the situation
Doest TLM tiles suits for water
  • Water does not degrade the PVC tiles but can stagnate if the slabs are not glued.
  • In case of frequent use of large quantities of water (example: Karcher cleaning), we recommend sticking the tiles.