Floor Resins

Resins TLM : The durable and secure metamorphosis of your industrial floor ! Ideal for the protection and renovation of industrial and collective floors, our resins and floor paints offer great mechanical and chemical resistance.

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Preparation and Repair products

This step ensures good cohesion between your support and the system. It favors the grip on all types of supports. Cleaner and degreaser for a clean and healthy support Smoothing mortar and coating smoothing for flat support Easy-to-use floor renovation product CAUTION : Without proper preparation, the system will come off the support. Read more
MR 90
Repair mortar for work of great resistance Repairing broken tiles ...
The PRIMOXY primer is a two-component, solvent-free, low-viscosity epoxy ...
Liquid detergent non-foaming particularly economical to use, Alcanex is formulated for the cleaning and degreasing of ...

Basecoat and Barriers

Improve the adhesion of resins and finishes to the support. For all types and floor conditions Application by the user or by a professional. Contact us for personalized advice Read more
The formulation of NEOPOX resin offers a multitude of durable technical ...
The formulation of the Humipox resin is a moisture barrier before laying flexible or rigid flooring.
Primoxy AH
A solvent-free, two-component, low-viscosity epoxy resin, the Primoxy AH ...

Film-Forming Resins

Ideal for the protection and renovation of industrial and collective floors, our floor resins offer a great mechanical and chemical resistance and a wide choice adapted to the needs and requirements of each environment, according to the sector of activity and the type of premises. treat. Depending on the chosen coating system, the application of our industrial floor resins can be carried out directly by the user or by a licensed professional. Do not hesitate to ask our technical team for advice in order to realize your project ! Read more
Highly resistant epoxy topcoat, Topchim allows the realization of acid-resistant coatings. It is applied to ...
Neopox Color
A high performance resin for a very resistant finish : 1 layer ...
Easypox resin can be used : In primary self- ...

Conductive Resins

Two-component epoxy floor resins combining excellent mechanical and chemical resistance and a conductive mass layer. Read more
Neopox Color ESD
Epoxy resin-based flooring, Neopox Color ESD helps dissipate electrostatic charges.
Neoprim Conduct ESD
Two-component aqueous epoxy resin floor coating for the dispersion of electrostatic charges.
Topcolor WB ESD
The Topcolor WB ESD system is used For the renovation of floors already ...

Self-Leveling Floor Resins

Two-component epoxy or polyurethane floor resins with addition of silicas. Self-leveling flooring with excellent resistance to heavy traffic. Read more
Neopox Color Autolissant
Ideal floor resin for the renovation or protection of soils highly used by heavy traffic.
Neothane Autolissant
Polyurethane floor resin, Neothane Autolissant is ideal for highly used floors.
Easypox Color
Ergonomic and aesthetic, Easypox Color is a self-leveling floor resin that gives treated floors excellent resistance ...

Antislip Resins

Two-component epoxy floor resins, anti-slide or anti-slip finish, ideal for the protection and renovation of industrial and collective floors thanks to their high mechanical and chemical resistance. Read more
Neopox Color AntiSlip
Two-component epoxy floor resin, anti-slip finish for wet and slippery interior floors.
Topcolor Antiglissant
Very easy to use, the Topcolor floor resin is available in anti-slide finish with added loads.
Neopox Color Antiglissant
Two-component epoxy floor resin, antti-slide finish for wet and slippery interior floors.

Decorative Resins

Two-component epoxy floor resins with glitter and colored quartz, ideal for aesthetic professional floors. Read more
Neopox Color Wall
The formulation of the resin NEOPOX COLOR WALL gives a multitude of durable technical solutions.
Neopox Quartz Decor
Aesthetics and performance for industrial floors. Tinted epoxy ...