Exelia 25x25

New graining and interlocking with invisible joints

TLM launch its new PVC tile

  • Aesthetic thanks to its system of invisible dovetails with edge-to-edge finish, straight or staggered laying allows you to mix the 2 sizes of tiles and create your own patterns for a more designer floor
  • Functional : allows the identification of zones and the marking on the floor by sets of colors
  • Uniform flooring without apparent joints with its invisible fixing system
  • Excellent resistance to intense pedestrian traffic, perfect for the protection and renovation of collective or public floors
  • Thermal and sound insulating floor covering, this flooring offers optimal and durable resistance to intensive pedestrian traffic and reduces inconvenience caused by impact, abrasion and vibrations
  • Anti-slip and ergonomic in order to improve work condition and comfort of the users.

Other colors

Steel grey Exelia
Steel grey
RAL 7901 proche 7042
Anthracite grey Exelia
Anthracite grey
RAL 7016
Intense black Exelia
Intense black
RAL 9017
White Exelia
RAL 9016
Signaling red Exelia
Signaling red
RAL 3020
Signaling blue Exelia
Signaling blue
RAL 5009


  • Exclusive invisible interlocking system : flawless and without joints fixing
  • 100% virgin PVC tiles
  • Finish : New graining - R10 surface finish
  • Dimensions : 25 x 25 cm 
  • Thickness : 7 mm
  • Weight 25 x 25 cm : 9,09 kg / sqm
  • Surface appearance : satin
  • PU surface protection for easy maintenance and long lasting protection
  • Colors : Exelia is available in 6 colours ( Steel grey RAL 7901, Anthracite grey RAL 7016, Intense black RAL 9017, White RAL 9016, Signal red RAL 3020 and Signal blue RAL 5009)
  • 100% recyclable product



Floor covering specially adapted for collective or public premises.

  • Waiting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms ...
  • Sales areas, showrooms, offices ...
  • Temporary exhibitions, special events, fairs…
  • Administrative, sports and cultural premises
  • Industrial premises (traffic aisles, etc.)
  • All industries, supermarkets, shops, communities, schools ...
  • Indoor use : Exelia outdoor use is strongly discouraged (contact us and refer to operating instructions)
  • Direct laying on the existing floor, easy and fast : no need to interrupt activity in the local concerned
  • PVC floor tile requiring no gluing, except sun exposure or special cases

Perfect for the tertiary sector and communities.


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