Degreasing cleaner

Liquid detergent non-foaming particularly economical to use, Alcanex is formulated for the cleaning and degreasing of all surfaces, even heavily fouled. It can be used indiscriminately in a self-cleaning machine, a pressurized washing unit or even manually.

Alcanex is a complex of surfactants, nonionic, hydrotrope and alkaline agents giving it a high speed of action and a broad spectrum of effectiveness.

Average area treated : 300 to 500 sqm


Eliminates quickly and efficiently: fats, oils, inks, tartar, soot, molds and any other deposit of organic or vegetable origin.

  • Non-foaming, facilitates rinsing
  • Leaves no streaks or trace after drying
  • Does not contain solvents harmful to the environment, biodegradable
  • Used in very small proportions, mixed with cold or hot water, for a really economical cleaning
  • Can be used in self-cleaning machine, pressurized washing unit or manually

Average consumption : Dilution varies according to the state and type of surface to be cleaned. Consult the data sheet for the doses of use.

Packaging : 5 L. Also available in packaging 30 L. Contact us for a quote.

Complementary product to Reparbetox and MR 90 for floor repair, and to primers of catch Neopox, Humipox or Primoxy.


Ensures the cleaning of all surfaces :

  • Floors, walls
  • Engines, bodywork, industrial vehicles, utility vehicles, truck tarpaulins, public works equipment, agricultural machinery, machine tools
  • Painted surfaces, furniture

Supports : floor tiles, tomette, metals, cements, wood, skai, plastic, vinyl, rubber ...

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